E-Paper slap bracelets – carry books, pics, and videos on your wrist

The Chocolate Agency has created an e-paper snap bracelet which gives you the ability to carry an MP4 player right on your wrist and look good doing it.

The entire surface is a display which is thin, high contrast, and power efficient. It can be taken off your wrist and unwrapped so that you can view the whole screen at once. The length is adjustable via magnetic clasps that can be added or removed, allowing the device to fit on any wrist.

The best part? You don’t have to plug this baby in, or even change its batteries. The device is powered by the kinetic energy created when you move your arm around.

As this is an MP4 player, we expect it to be able to show e-books, photos, and videos. Or, you could just use it as a trendy watch. A headphone jack, however, seems to be missing. It would be nice to play music from this puppy as well. Pics after the jump.