Kitchen Sync concept, cookbook meets computer

The Kitchen Sync concept by Noah Balmer combines computers and online recipes with old-fashioned cookbooks for the perfect way to cook in the 21st century.

It features a small, flexible, washable screen with a dock. The Kitchen Sync allows you to view recipes online and follow links to buy whatever products you may need to concoct your favorite dishes. It eliminates the need to print out recipes or bring your expensive laptop into the kitchen only to get it covered with food.

Kitchen Sync takes full advantage of its wireless internet connection -besides downloading recipes, you can also chat with other users cooking the same dishes for a richer cooking experience.

Balmer received an International Housewares Association design award for his concept. We hope to see the Kitchen Sync make it to production as it would be an instant favorite of cooks worldwide. More pictures after the jump.

Some Comments as following:

No grubby pieces of paper or books fantastic. I hope it will be affordable,it might encourage people to learn how to cook having a chat service built in. This means less landfill waste from take-out containers and healthier people.

I’m constantly running back and forth from the kitchen to the office computer to research recipes, print them and then try to find a place to file the paper copy (if the recipe was any good). The KitchenSync looks like a fantastic idea for a very practical updating of kitchens… I would LOVE to add the Kitchen Sync to my kitchen remodel project! Please let me know as soon as it is available for purchase!