Nokia Morph concept – this futuristic gadget is all you’ll need

Nokia has recently announced their Morph concept, a gadget which should (in about 100 years) replace everything you carry in your pocket today.

Featured in The Museum of Modern Art “Design and The Elastic Mind” exhibition, the Morph aims to be the only gadget you’ll ever need due to its adaptable nature. Made of flexible and transparent materials, Nokia imagines this gadget taking on just about any shape and size.

For example, it can start in the shape of a cell phone, but then unfold into a screen to view movies and other media on. This larger screen would incorporate input devices such as keyboards and touch pads as well to allow for communication. It could then be folded up into a bracelet that you wear on your wrist. As Nokia says, the Morph would “allow us to communicate and interact in unprecedented ways.”

Nokia is also imagining built-in solar absorption to charge the device, which coupled with smaller and longer-lasting batteries would mean the end of power plugs. Integrated sensors could gather information about the surrounding environment, providing even more data to the user.

The Morph could even have a self-cleaning surface – just another way of putting nanotechnology to use. It would reduce corrosion, wear, and improve longevity. “Nanoflowers” could be used to do this as they naturally repel water, dirt, and even fingerprints.

Think iPhone, but with a much cooler interface, much thinner, and able to change into any shape and size including a huge screen for watching movies, playing games, and browsing the web. Oh, and no more smudge marks on the screen. Show me the dotted line and I’ll sign – I want one of these now. Check out some images and a video of the concept in use below.