Drink Recipes Variations on Hot Cocoa

It was over two thousand years ago that the Mayas started their version of what we know today as hot chocolate.  Instead theirs was a cold, unsweetened beverage that was fired up with chili peppers, which they drank all decked out in their finest Mayan costumes and jewelry. Today, we can’t get enough of the creamy, dreamy indulgent hot chocolate drink, packing enough power to make a wet, cold dreary day all right again. Being derived from the cacao bean, chocolate was very expensive in the 18th and 19th century and was so valuable that it was even used as a dowry when members of the Spanish Royal family married European aristocrats. However that has all changed, now available in the instant form or chocolate bars, it that can easily be melted and mixed with milk and sugar to make the treat. The terms hot cocoa and hot chocolate tend to be used interchangeably. The reason for this is because hot cocoa is made using the the bitter powder while hot chocolate is made with the chocolate bar itself which contains cocoa, sugar and other flavors, but regardless of powder or bar, cream or milk, marshmallows or chocolate shavings, cinnamon or vanilla  we all like to add our own special touch to this drink to make it one that really warms the heart.

With this being said, I am sharing a few of my hot chocolate beverage variations with an island twist, because it isn’t only on a cold, wet, dreary day that we want the indulgent drink. Sometimes with the right amount of cream, spices and sugar, hot chocolate could be a dessert or a really great delicious ending to a wonderful meal, whatever the circumstance, I’m sure that you would enjoy these variations.

1) This first recipe is easy to make, good for nausea, with a delicious burn. I love the favor of ginger and its medicinal properties or widely known, so when I tried this mix, it was absolutely refreshing. It’s simple: You will need one table spoon of grated ginger, powdered cocoa mix, or chocolate that can be melted, either dark or milk ( this way is much richer), milk, vanilla essence, and sugar to sweeten. Just boil ginger and strain. Set aside. Melt chocolate, add milk, ginger , vanilla and sweeten. You can also top with whip cream and enjoy .

2) Those of you who like Baileys can really appreciate this one. You can either melt the chocolate or use the instant cocoa powder. Add cream, vanilla, and Baileys , top with whip cream , marshmallows, and chocolate sprinkles. Drink Responsibly.

3) This one is my absolute favorite, coffee flavored white hot chocolate. Met white chocolate in pan, add milk or cream or Coffee mate, vanilla, sugar, add instant coffee and enjoy.

I hope you have fun trying out these recipes and don’t forget, its fun to experiment, sometimes accidents can be a big hit.