Profit And Loss Template

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Free Profit And Loss Template and Reasons Why You Should Download It

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, using a profit and loss template is highly suggested to help you summarize your income and expenses. This is a great tool to help you write down your cash flow so you can allocate your fund wisely. Most business owners often use this template for recording their profit and loss of selling good and services.

What Is The Difference Between the Profit and Loss and Income Statement?

Many people have misunderstood the concept of the income statement and the profit and loss. Even though you can use both interchangeably, there is some principle in accounting discipline that they are strongly different. So, the main concept you need to underline about the profit and loss statement is this considered as the tool for helping you estimate the future income.

Besides, this statement is usually issued annually and it is included with the cash-flow statement and balance sheet. Meanwhile, the income statement is more like the cash flow statement at the single moment. This will contain writing down the revenue and subtract it with the costs of the business so then you will see the profit. But when it comes to the profit and loss statement, you can make a comparison from the prior year so you could make a decision for the short and long term.

What Are The Benefits of Using Profit and Loss Template?

As we said, this tool is crucial because it has so many benefits you can utilize for your business goal. Here are the following:

Help You Track The Business Performance

Tracking the business performance can help you evaluate your strategy to gain more revenue. When you see in the report that you have a bigger revenue than your expanse, this means you are doing it right. But when you don't, it is time to re-evaluate your strategy.

Another benefit you can gain from this tool is this helps you make a comparison with the previous year. By this way, you can see the improvement of your company.

Forecast Your Business Future

When you write down the report on the profit and loss template, and then you make the comparison, you can draw it in a graphic so you can do forecasting how your growth and see the possibilities whether this can be improved or be shut down.

What Are The Component of Profit and Loss Statement?

There is some component to be written down when you are writing this report. The main categories you should include are revenue, cost of sales, SG&A, marketing & advertising, technology, interest expense, taxes, and net income.

With its benefits about the profit and loss statement, we think that it is time to find a tool to help you write down your report in a simple and effective. Therefore, we offer you the free profit and loss template that you can adjust. You can just download it for free and edit it as you want.

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