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Make an Eye-Catching Resume with Our Free Download Letter of Intent Template

The function of a letter of intent sounds the same that most people use it interchangeably. In fact, there is a little difference.

For the cover letter, your main purpose is to apply a certain position which is issued by a company through a job vacancy advertising. Meanwhile, the letter of intent is similar with the cover letter but the difference is you make an unsolicited inquiry about a position. Therefore, you should emphasize your interest as well as your qualification why you need to be placed in a company. Here, the difference is the company doesn't open a position so you offer yourself with your skills to help them.

In writing a letter of intent, the focus is the same which you have to summarize your qualification, straight to the point what are you intending by giving the quick information about yourself. Besides, you should make the well-tailored letter. Therefore, due to this concern, we provide you the free letter of the intent template to help you impress the employer.

How To Write A Letter of Intent?

The Format of The Letter

Formatting a letter is the most important part to make an eye-catching look so you have a greater chance to show your skill in front of the employer.

However, formatting a letter of intent doesn't mean you have to make it with an exaggerating language style. Stay professional and use the formal expression.

Another tip you can try is making it straight to the point that you will address your letter to the specific person and it is better if you looking for information who is handling this. You can contact the company and ask the name of the head of Human Resources Development. Additionally, make sure you will send your letter according to the companies preferred method.

Explain Your Background Information

Before you go to the main content, explain your background information, like what is your qualification and the career interest in your introduction. Mention the skills that suit the position you are targetting.

Action Request

In the closing paragraph, the best focus to write is summarizing why you fit to work in the company and invite the employer to review your attached files in the resume. Mention also the expectation of your letter after they read your resume, for example, a meeting or an interview.

Other Consideration

Other considerations you can include is downloading our letter of the intent template that will help you save the time on making the right format and its margin. We have an interesting format with the excellent design so this catches their attention.

Our letter of intent templates come with various formats and you can adjust it as you need. They are all free and you just need to download them without having to register. Also, you customize the template with certain details as your wish.

Lastly, make before you send your resume to the company, make sure you put every detail needed including a phone number, email, and professional social media in your resume. Good luck!

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