Job Offer Letter Template

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Job Offer Letter Template and Reasons Why You Need It The Most

If you are an employer who has done an interviewed and has decided who is the best candidate that suit to a position, then you will need the job offer letter template. This is an important notice to the employers to notice your newly hired employees before the first day of work.

In this case, the company will talk about general things about the condition of the company that has been discussed in the interview. Mostly it contains the Salary Break Up, perks, benefits, nature of job, policies as well as the rules. The purpose of sending a newly hired employee is to make sure they understand with the company, in general, so they can figure out how and where they will work. Once the job offer letter has been signed, this is legal. Besides, the job offer letter also can be said as the last day to accept the offer.

What Is The Difference Between The Job Offer and The Joining Letter?

There are strong differences between the job offer and joining letter which are:

The offer letter - This is given to the person who has been selected to re-read and understand the general things about the company including the details we mentioned above.

The joining letter - This is purposed for the person who has received the offer letter and waiting for the time to join the company and the organization. In this letter, the company will talk about the reporting time, location, the necessary document needs to be applied and so on.

What Are Included In The Job Letter Template?

standard Informations

The letter will include the standard information about the company which is the start date, position, and compensation. This will also talk about the responsibilities in general and in details, this will be included under the job description.

Meanwhile, for the compensation, this will talk about the scheduled payment, annual base salary until its bonuses.


On the job offer letter template, you should write a list of benefits the employee get when working in your company. This could be dental, medical, disability and vision insurances. Several companies also provide stock options, reimbursement, and profit-sharing as well as the vacation time with the department team.


Sometimes, a company also give the extended pending acceptance of a hired employee completely before they complete the confidential agreements, drug screens, tax forms and also other physical tests. This is purposed to protect the employee from the future dispute. For example, an employer can cancel or take back the job offer once he/she found the newly hired employee did not pass the drug examination.

At-Will Employment

Many countries also rule the "at-will" policy which an employee can resign due to certain reasons. Or, the employers can also terminate the agreement for certain reasons.

In conclusion, using the job offer template is a great thing to give the employee last consideration about the offer and also this is the last time for you to see your new employee eligibility to work in the company.

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