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DARPA wants displays in contact lenses for soldiers soon

Posted in Tech/Sci News by Alex on March 20th, 2008

Bionic eyeToday’s heads-up displays worn by soldiers are bulky and probably quite uncomfortable. DARPA is seeking to solve all that with contact lenses that sport a display to overlay graphics and information on top of the soldiers’ vision.

Specifically, the agency is looking for “information on technology areas for the creation of micro- and nano-scale display technologies for the purpose of creating displays that could be worn as transparent contact lenses”, and they want that information within three to five years.

This sounds like a very ambitious project, but with DARPA behind it maybe, just maybe, we’ll actually see it come to life. Perhaps this is a job for UW scientists and their contact lenses with circuits?

[via Gizmodo]

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Researchers close to creating bionic eye

Posted in Tech/Sci News by Alex on March 10th, 2008

Boston Retinal Implant Project bionic eyeScientists at the Boston Retinal Implant Project recently developed an implant that will help those with degenerative blindness see again.

Although not a complete bionic eye, this implant is a huge step forward in that direction. It works by being implanted at the back of the eyeball and transmitting light to the brain via a tiny nerve.

Unfortunately, there are still limitations – the technology will only give vision to those who had it previously, and those who were born blind or suffer glaucoma are still without a cure. For those who do get it, vision will not be great. The technology is only capable of giving them a sense of their surroundings and not much detail.

The researchers hope to continue improving on their eye in the future, giving users the ability to recognize finer detail. In time, hopefully they can give sight to those born blind as well. Until then, though, this eye is a step in the right direction.

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Eyeball-implanted camera patented – bionic eye possible?

Posted in Tech/Sci News by Alex on January 22nd, 2008

Bionic eyeOn the heels of contact lenses with circuits comes news of an eyeball-implanted camera patent. In the future, this technology could help restore sight to people with damaged vision. The camera could be charged wirelessly and would communicate directly with a chip implanted at the back of the eye.

Although not a new idea, this is the first time scientists think the whole mechanism can be squeezed inside of the human eye without using any external devices.

Hopefully this becomes a reality soon as a lot of people could use one of these. It also begs the question – will this not only give them sight, but also super-human power to zoom in and see at night on day?

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