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New Sony technology to increase hard drive storage fivefold

Posted in Tech/Sci News by Alex on March 3rd, 2008

Hard driveSony has unveiled a new technology that promises to greatly increase hard drive capacities, even in laptops. Instead of a traditional magnetic read/write head, Sony’s new drives will use a hybrid of magnetic and optical technology allowing for a much greater density of data on the disk.

Much of the hard drive will remain the same. The most significant change is that data will now be written to the disk using a laser. Lasers are much more precise than magnetic heads, allowing them to squeeze many more bits into a given area – 5 times more, Sony claims.

This development will result in some huge hard drive sizes. A 320GB drive today would turn into a 1.6TB drive using the new technology while the size and other factors remain the same. Sony’s development will be a relief to laptop users who are already running out of room on their hard drives. There is no timetable for release set as of now, but we hope Sony pushes this technology out soon. We’d love to see terabyte hard drives in our laptops.

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Blu-ray drives to make their way into Dell and Apple laptops

Posted in Computers by Alex on March 2nd, 2008

Blu-ray logoNow that Sony’s Blu-ray has won the format war, rumors are flying that Dell and Apple want to incorporate these drives into their high-end laptops.

According to several reports, the two companies plan on releasing Blu-ray notebooks later this year. They say that since there is only one high-def format now, Dell and Apple will want to start moving into the next generation of media technology.

Unfortunately, drives like this would come at a price. Today’s laptop Blu-ray drives are power hungry, with some users reporting a completely drained battery after half of a movie. Of course, that would all change in the future as technology evolves, so hopefully we can see more efficient drives later this year.

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Sony shows off self-charging digital camera

Posted in Gadgets by Alex on February 28th, 2008

odo self-charging cameraSony’s in-house “odo” team, based in California and with some help from Japan, was put together to design devices that tap into the “creativity, curiosity, and energy” of children in developing nations and that are capable of operating in extreme temperatures without the need for power supplies. Their latest imagining is a self-charging digital camera.

The camera resembles a white, plastic pizza cutter, and it is charged by rolling the wheel at the top on any surface. 15 seconds of rolling should generate enough power to take one picture – not a bad tradeoff considering that the thing never needs to be plugged in. Read more »

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HD DVD finally dead, format war is over

Posted in Tech/Sci News by Alex on February 19th, 2008

Blu-ray logoIt’s official: Toshiba’s president has just made a statement about the company’s “discontinuation of HD DVD businesses.” RIP HD DVD, March 31, 2006 – February 19, 2008.

We can all finally rest in peace knowing the Blu-ray has won the format war (hence the big, shiny, blue logo to the right).

In a last-gasp effort, Toshiba did announce that it will “continue to assess the position of notebook PCs with integrated HD DVD drives.” However, with a lack of HD DVD movies, we don’t see that position getting much better.

See the press release here.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 set to wow, steal iPhone users

Posted in Gadgets by Alex on February 10th, 2008

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1As the company puts it, the XPERIA X1 “redefines premiumness,” and from the looks of the phone we wouldn’t say anything less.

The X1 has all of the features that the iPhone is missing, and then some. This one really does seem to be poised to become the phone of all phones.

The XPERIA X1 has a 3 inch VGA touchscreen sporting a resolution of 800×480. A fully functional QWERTY keyboard slides out from the side for all of your messaging, emailing, and web browsing needs. Of course to do that you need a fast connection as well, so, unlike the iPhone, the X1 supports 3G HSDPA for data transfer speeds up to 3.6Mbits.

The phone has an ‘always on’ internet connection, the ability to send and receive files while in a call, streaming video support, and a video call feature.

For more details, check out the product page here.

No word on price or availability yet, but we can’t wait until the X1 makes its way Stateside. Well done, Sony. Another picture after the jump. Read more »

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Sony Ericsson C902 and C702 – portable high-end photography

Posted in Gadgets by Joel Levin on February 10th, 2008

C902Sony Ericsson has just announced quite a few new phones, including the Cybershot C902 and C702 models. The 902 features a 5 megapixel camera, HSDPA, 160MB internal memory, an M2 slot, and a 240×320 2-inch display with 260k colors. The camera is perfect for people who don’t want to carry a full-fledged digital camera everywhere but want to be able to take a high quality photograph should a moment requiring one come up.

The C702 is similar to the C902, but with a weaker camera at 3.2 megapixels and a slightly larger 2.2-inch display.

The press release for both can be found here. Nice going Sony Ericsson, these phones have some really great features that we hope will start showing up more often in other phones.

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IBM shrinks Cell processor – cheaper, smaller PS3s inevitable

Posted in Tech/Sci News by Alex on February 7th, 2008

IBM Cell processorIBM has announced details of a smaller, lower-power version of their Cell BE processor. Yup, that’s the same bad boy that powers your PS3.

The current Cell is manufactured on a 65nm process but the new one will be made with a next-generation 45nm process. The new Cell will use about 40 percent less power than its big brother and have a 34 percent smaller die area. This in turn means that the chip will run cooler, which means less cooling by the console resulting in a cheaper and more reliable PS3.

Unfortunately, no one knows if Sony will decide to pass on the savings to the consumer or keep the extra profit for themselves. It could be a while before a cheaper PS3 actually hits the shelves. Hopefully, though, this is sooner than later because at current prices the PS3 is still a bit hard to afford.

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Slimmer, sexier PS3 coming this fall?

Posted in Tech/Sci News by Alex on February 1st, 2008

Slim PS3 ConceptRumors are circulating that Sony is getting ready to debut a newer, slimmer, lighter, and sexier PlayStation 3.

It might be dubbed the PSThree, based on the PlayStation 2 changing its name to PSTwo after it shed some weight as well. There’s also a possibility of a hard drive upgrade to 160GB. Expect all of the other features to stay the same, including the Blu-ray player.

The illustration designed by T3 looks absolutely stunning. We expect a boost in sales if this thing gets released as there’s bound to be tons of gamers wanting to get their hands on this gorgeous console.
Image courtesy of and (c)

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