VirtuSphere takes virtual reality to the next level

The name says it all – the VirtuSphere is a giant… well… sphere that lets the user move around freely in a virtual reality world.

Visuals are projected via a motion-tracking headset worn by the player. He can then run, jump, roll, or crawl around the virtual world in any direction.

VirtuSphere works sort of like a hamster exercise ball. Well, exactly like a hamster exercise ball. The player gets in a large, hollow sphere that sits on rollers and can turn it 360 degrees in all directions to move around.

The manufacturer makes the system to client specifications. VirtuSpheres have already been sold to military and law enforcement organizations as well as entertainment companies.

Don’t get to excited to buy one of these, though. The VirtuSphere costs over $30,000, and that’s a lot of cash to shell out on gaming.

We do wonder how ridiculous a person might look while playing a game inside this thing.