Dutch robot fills car gas tank – human not required

Dutch inventors have unveiled a 75,000 Euro (about $111,100) robot able to fill up your gas tank without you needing to get out the car. The robot works by looking up your car model in a database and finding what fuel type (in addition to your fuel cap design) to use. It then extends its robotic arm, unscrews your gas cap, and puts the gas nozzle in as any human would.

The inventor hopes to have it in a handful of Dutch gas stations by the end of the year.

We hope he starts trying to sell these robots to US stations, as it would be good for people to not have to deal so closely with gasoline ever again. However, we are wondering about how much longer this device will be useful with all the alternative fuel source discussion and research taking place. Very cool, nonetheless.

Eh, this might be better than the shell one, we have the tech to do it properly this time around. As for alternative fuel, anything in the feasible life time of this is going to be hybrid and bio-fuel for the majority of the US.

This robot isn’t limited to gasoline/diesel fuel. It could be used for any fuel-based system.

Hydrogen is a much more likely candidate as an alternative fuel source than heavy, expensive batteries.

Hydrogen can power internal combustion vehicles or fuel-cell vehicles. Instead of “hybrid vehicles”, we could be using a hybrid fuel.