Treating Ingrown Hair

Treating ingrown hair is not so difficult these days with the arrival of topical solutions on the market. Nisim International who have over 20 years experience with hair products have created a safe solution for treating ingrown hair. Nisim’s Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment (IHT) does not use Acetylsalicylate (ASA) to deaden pain like some other products. Even those allergic to Aspirin can safely use Ingrown Hair Treatment. Treating Ingrown Hair With IHT The solution is generally sprayed directly onto the affected areas. Treating the hair 2 to 3 times daily with IHT will eliminate ingrown hair in a few days. It can be used by men and women on any area of the body.

When treating ingrown hair with IHT a slight stinging sensation might be felt, about the same as when an after-shave lotion is used. This mild discomfort can be minimized by waiting 10 to 30 minutes after shaving or other hair removal procedures before treating ingrown hair with IHT. IHT also provides antiseptic and antibacterial benefits to the skin in addition to treating ingrown hair. It works by mildly exfoliating the outer dermal layer of skin and adds elasticity to the newly exposed hair. This releases the trapped hair from under the constantly regenerating layers of sin.